Lesser-known health benefits of cumin

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Dec 5, 2017:  Owing to its abundant remedial properties, cumin is often used as an ingredient in a number of ayurvedic preparations. Ayurveda says that this miracle herb helps in balancing vata as well as kapha dosha. It is regularly used in Indian households for preparing curries and a variety of other food items. In this discussion, we will discuss the lesser-known health benefits of cumin.

Cumin helps to add a pleasant flavor to food preparations and adds a therapeutic value to it. Consumption of water boiled with cumin seeds helps to increase milk in breast-feeding mothers and decreases irritation in the uterus.

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Freshens the mouth

Gargling with cumin powder and water helps in freshening the mouth, cure mouth ulcers and get rid of foul odor. Also, it aids to prevent bleeding from gums and cure boils. Prepare a paste by grinding cumin seeds along with some warm water and apply it on the boils

Eases diarrhea

Eating powdered cumin with honey reduces colic pain and diarrhoea. It eases the pain experienced during flatulence. Those suffering with irritable bowel syndrome might get relief by eating pomegranate juice mixed with roasted cumin powder.

Eases piles

Eating a spoonful of roasted cumin seeds together with ginger juice and salt added to a tumbler of buttermilk helps to provide relief to those suffering from piles and calms the irritated intestine. It also aids to cure nausea, atonic dyspepsia as well as  morning sickness .

Simply boil cumin seeds in a glass of water and teaspoon of coriander leaf juice and a pinch of salt to it. Cumin has anti-carcinogenic properties and thus helps to reduce stomach and liver tumours risk in animals.

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Eases common cold

These seeds have antiseptic properties and hence it helps in relieving the symptoms of common cold. Drink tea made by boiling water, cumin seeds and a little bit of fresh ginger provides aid from common cold. Consumption of cumin seeds helps to increase heat in the body, hence boosting the metabolism. It also improves the immune system and build up kidney and liver.

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