Let go the suffering

By Swami Jyotirmayananda

Feb 10 , 2016: Most people dread suffering. It is important that we gain a deep insight into the meaning of suffering in life. Sufferings are not unnecessary, unwanted developments in life. Rather, they are unavoidable elements in the fabric of human existence. Just as alternating day and night provide a joyous rhythm in human life, so the alternating conditions of pleasure and pain, prosperity and adversity, provide a mystic swing for the soul that promotes its spiritual evolution.

There are many good uses of human suffering. Pain is an eye-opener. Because of the purifying process of suffering, a human being is often able to remove pride, develop a compassionate heart and become a sublime personality decked with divine qualities. If there were no suffering, gentleness and humility would have no meaning.

If there were no suffering, cruelty would have permanently gripped the human heart and vanity would have dominated the world. The water of life would have become stagnant and all spiritual potentialities would have stayed dormant in the unconscious realms of existence. Just as resistance is important in the world of physics since it controls the motion of the objects and generates energy, so resistance in the form of suffering is important for the movements of the mind and the spiritual struggle of the soul.

Do not confront suffering with a grumbling mind, a trembling heart and a sinking soul. Rather learn to confront suffering with patience, endurance, insight and understanding. Each time you tide over an adverse situation with the right attitude, you will be more enriched, more experienced and more mellowed than before.

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