Lifegraph app can monitor mental health issues

By TNT Bureau

Dec 14, 2016: Health apps is todays trend, and they are necessary, too. Mental health is one of the issues that concern people. People who experience such conditions need to monitor regularly. A new smartphone app from Lifegraph just does that.

Important app

This smartphone apps that helps to fight against mental health issues is indeed a useful app. According to stats, serious mental illness has resulted in lost earnings amounting to about $190 billion in the US alone. This makes apps like Lifegraph all the more important.

What does Lifegraph do?

Lifegraph uses a smartphone to identify behavioral changes, and based on the information collected it sends necessary alert. The app notes the factors like the amount of daily text messages sent, sleep hours, and voice pitch when talking on the phone, etc. It then identifies patterns associated with mental health issues.

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People who have mental health issues should download the smartphone app, and ensure that it is always running on their phone, so that the app can do its work. If any unusual behavior is detected, the app sends a notification to the family; it also sends a detailed report to the doctor.

As the smartphone app obtains patient data, privacy questions cannot be ignored. Lifegraph CEO Keren Sela said that the raw metadata of the users are stored, and privacy is strictly maintained.

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