Live healthy by adding a pinch of black pepper in your tea

By TNT Bureau

May 17, 2017: Sprinkle a little black pepper in your tea and see the impact. This humble spice will not only enrich the taste and flavour of your tea, but will also offer numerous health benefits.

Pepper is a well-known kitchen ingredient, which is filled with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Drinking tea with black pepper is known to treat a number of health problems.

Pepper contains piperine, a compound which helps in providing relief from pain and inflammation. Simply add a pinch of black pepper powder in black tea and drink it twice or thrice a day. Here are seven health benefits of adding black pepper in your tea.

Eases sore throat

Drinking tea with a dash of black pepper added to it helps to soothe sore throat. For best results, drink it twice or thrice a day. It is regarded as one of the ideal known treatment since ancient times.

Treats cold and cough

Since black pepper is loaded with antibacterial and antioxidant properties, it can help to treat cold and cough. Pepper offers a warm and spicy touch to your throat, and loosens the phlegm. This helps to clear the stuffy nose and the cough collected around the chest and throat.

 Eases sinus pressure

Those who suffer from sinus experience severe congestion in the nose. Drinking tea with a dash of black pepper added to it helps to ease the congestion caused due to sinus.  It helps to clear the stuffy nose thus, helping you breathe in a normal manner.

Acts as an anti-depressant

The piperine contained in black pepper helps to increase cognitive functions such as reasoning and thinking of the brain. Thus, it can be regarded as one of the useful and natural anti-depressants.

Prevents cancer

A number of studies have shown that pepper helps to prevent several types of cancer. The compound piperine in black pepper neutralizes the damaging radicals that harm the body, and this helps to prevent you from cancer.

Enables weight loss

You will be happy to know that black pepper added to to tea helps to lose weight. It’s outer layer contains phytonutrients, which helps to break down fat cells, and increases metabolism.You can even eat fresh pepper, and when you begin to perspire, that’s when pepper helps your body to get rid of excess water and toxins.

Acts on depression

The piperine in black pepper also helps to treat depression. It stimulates the brain, and helps it to function properly by making it more active.

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