Losing weight in healthy ways

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July 13, 2017: Prior to weight loss success, you are generally loaded with immense positive attitude and you really think that you can succeed. The most vital thing is to take charge of your health and set practical goals that are obtainable.

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In order lose weight in healthy ways; it is important that you set a proper weight loss goal. Do not pressurize yourself in losing weight quickly. Remember that bodies vary from one individual to the other, what many affect someone quickly may affect you in a slow manner. Also, it is important to incorporate a healthy mix of good diet and daily workout session.

Today, we will be talking about 10 healthy ways to lose weight so that it is easy and natural to achieve weight loss that you have been longing since ages.

Protein is king

It is suggested to eat protein in each meal: Protein is a necessary element of a healthy diet and consuming protein in each meal helps to boost weight loss. It keeps your belly full for a long period of time and also aids in reducing total body fat.

Eat quinoa  rather than rice during lunch as well as dinner. Add bean salad for breakfast. You can add some green peas to your soup with around 8 grams of protein. It is also nice to eat bell pepper sticks and carrot with your favorite yogurt.

With 6 grams of protein for each egg and other healthy nutrients like omega 3 that aids lower cholesterol, make eggs a necessary part of your diet.

Complete no to processed foods

You should get into the habit of reading food labels in order to avoid all types of artificial colors, MSG, additives, preservatives etc. Such processed foods should have no space in your kitchen or bedroom whatsoever. They are loaded with sodium and a whole lot of substances that only result in weight gain.

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Say no to fried foods

You need to completely forgo all fried food items such as spring rolls, chips and all other kinds of junk. They do no good whatsoever. The fats that are present in such food items are trans fat also known as bad fats. Such fats only increase inflammation and free radical damage.

Avoid refined sugar and carbohydrates

These break down in the body and produce sugar which leads to causing increase in your blood sugar levels. Also, they are responsible for making you retain water that results in bloating.

Move the body

It is extremely important for you to undergo some kind of exercise be it in the form of yoga or swimming or dancing and so on. Whatever you like, it is high time that you move your body and get fit. It is suggested that you exercise at least 4 times per week.

Ensure good sleep

Sleep helps to replenish, rejuvenates and restore the overall system.

A study in the American journal of clinical nutrition revealed that when individuals experienced lack of sleep, their craving for late-night snacking for junk food increased. Inadequate sleep impacts your hormones leptin and ghrelin which are your fullness and hunger hormones.

It is advisable to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. This helps to ensure good amount of rest to the body and yes, slowly and steadily you get to achieve your weight loss goals as well.

Stay hydrated all the time

Start your morning with a glass of warm water. Adding lemon juice and honey to it will produce better results. It is advisable that you drink loads of water during the day and lessen your intake as the night approaches. Nevertheless, it is suggested to drink 10 to 15 glasses of water on a daily basis.

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