Losing weight with ayurveda

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May 19, 2017: In a civilization that continually overwhelms you with subsequent top diet it may be hard to stay determined and know as to what is really beneficial and efficient for weight loss in healthy ways.

Stress is undoubtedly one of the leading reasons for weight gain in today?s time; therefore the last thing you require is to strain out about it. Is there a method to lose weight without losing your good sense and hopping from one diet to the other, only to decline and begin the cycle yet again?

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Ayurveda, the antique system of medicine of India aids in weight loss in a natural and healthy manner. It thrives to avert illness and encourage health, balance, and longevity via easy guidelines that pursue the normal rhythms of natural world, the periods, and the moment of day.

In this discussion, we will be talking about 7 ayurvedic ways that helps you lose weight without the use of any kind of artificial methods or chemicals whatsoever.

Water and lemon

Consume a big glass of warm water with unprocessed lemon as soon as you wake. This helps to arouse the bowels. Also, this aids in boosting the complete digestive system thus, providing you to kick start your day in the healthiest way.

Daily workouts

Working out enough to break a sweat is recommended as an every day morning routine for healthy weight loss. It is suggested that you exercise for at least 45-60 minutes per day however, if you don?t have the time, 30 minutes will work fine. Discover an activity that you enjoy and can so for a long period of time.

Yoga and meditation

Find at least 5-10 minutes per day to relaxat in the morning. Practices such as yoga and meditation bring out a relaxation rejoinder in the body. This aids in alleviating stress which is one of the main reasons for piling up weight. It also places you in a mindful and calm state of mind thus, allowing you to be better at making decisions as the day moves along.

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3 meals per day

Consume 3 meals per day without snacking. Food is a quick burning fuel and when the body is provided with a steady fuel line it fails to remember how to burn fat. Eat your breakfast between 7:30 and 9:00 am, lunch between 11-2 am and dinner 5: 30 to 8 pm.

Experience each and every taste

Ayurveda recognizes six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent. You need to make sure that you include all these 6 tastes on a daily basis.

Salty, sour and sweet tastes are anabolic in nature which means that they require astringent, pungent and bitter taste that are catabolic in nature. Such balance is extremely important to maintain. Too much sweetness or saltiness will obviously cause weight gain that too at a rapid speed.

Move your body after meals

You need to move your body after each meal. Go out for short walks after each meal. This helps to stimulate digestion and peristalsis. It is most significant to go for a walk after lunch for about 10-20 minutes at a modest speed. If at all possible, lie on your left side after walking for 10 minutes. This helps to digest food in a proper manner.

Go to bed early and wake up early

Go to bed with the sun, and rise with the sun. Tapping into our natural circadian rhythms create a major hormone-balancing effect. Anthropologically speaking, our ancestors had no reason to stay up late at night. They would have slowed down when the sun went down, and maybe sat around a fire or a candle for a while before calling it a day.

Go to bed before 10:00 pm, when we get our second wind. Obtaining a proper seven to nine hours of sleep a night gives the body time to detoxify and reset for the next day, and helps maintain healthy levels of cortisol which is a stress-response hormone responsible for weight gain.

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