Losing weight with balloon therapy

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June 27, 2017: Balloon therapy has come about as an effective and promising non-surgical weight loss method. This therapy can help overweight people who don?t wish to undergo surgery but haven?t been able to attain desirable weight loss by either changing their diet or increasing their exercise regimens.

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Weight loss has always been an age old concern and lots of weight loss products and methods come up on a regular basis. However, one needs to be careful in choosing the ways in order to lose weight in a favorable manner.

Balloon therapy and weight loss

Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis are providing an innovative nonsurgical method to that aids to reduce weight. This alternative therapy involves placing unique balloons into the belly of the patients and then they are inflated. This makes the patients feel full after consumption of small meals.

The gastroenterologists are offering two good options for so-called intragastric balloons in overweight people who don?t wish to undergo surgery but haven?t been able to attain desirable weight loss by either changing their diet or increasing their exercise regimens.

An individual can choose between a ReShape dual balloon system and a single intragastric balloon device which is known as ORBERA.

Both of them are possible alternates for gastric bypass and supplementary bariatric surgical measures among patients who are required to lose huge amounts of weight for health motives but are not participants for surgery or are not interested in taking such a step.

The balloons are placed in with the help of an endoscope that is inserted into the mouths of the patients and then their bellies.

The assistant professor of medicine and director of bariatric endoscopy in the Division of Gastroenterology Shelby Sullivan said that even though bariatric surgery is extremely effective, some people are there who don?t wish to go for surgical weight loss method.

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Important details of balloon therapy

During the experimental research, it was found that several patients associate surgery to an admittance of failure, however they perceive the balloons more like a competent way to help achieve weight loss in a manner glasses aid in improving eyesight.

The balloons stay in the belly for a period of 6 months. Throughout the time, patients also obtain rigorous lifestyle therapy, which then persists for a period of one year.

Sullivan said that when the balloon is taken out, the program team aids patients in maintaining positive performance alterations when the balloon was inside their stomach.

She also said that once a balloon has been detached, few people may adopt old eating habits and begin stuffing on weight again. The patients get the choice to register in a lasting follow-up program after a year to continue with weight loss success.

If a patient starts to put on too much weight all over again, the alternative exists to put in another balloon.

In current times, the balloon therapy cannot be covered by any insurance; still some insurance companies disburse for an early pre-procedure exam visit with the doctor. There are some companies that pay partly for laboratory tests, medications and any other referrals if required.

Sullivan and her team held patient information sessions on a monthly basis where they talk about the balloon therapy. Such sessions are conducted at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital

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