Manage diabetes with Dario glucometer

By TNT Bureau

Jan 6, 2016: Dario glucometer is a bite-sized meter that allows an individual to turn his/her smartphone into an incorporated glucose meter inclusive of strips, lancet poker, and phone app. More exactly, it is an incorporated unit about the size of a cigarette lighter that consists of an essential adapter that can be connected into a smartphone’s audio jack.

As soon as it is connected to a smartphone it gets switched to BG-monitoring type. Then, you can click open the self-contained lancing device that has non-refundable lancets inside and an incorporated sealed unit of 25 propriety test strips, facilitating you to stab your finger just like any other meter. The reading you get is transferred directly to your  smartphone through an app which will be available for free for both Andriod and iOS.

The app permits PWDs not only to instantaneously see and mechanically upload BG results, but also to put in food information into a database — along with effortless access to carb estimations, an insulin calculator, and other features such as data-sharing online. Also, you can lay hands on to a number of useful alerts and reminders that PWDs could program in at their choosing.

Dario is made up of ultra-thin lancets and it is possible to purchase the 25-strip cartridges with politeness strips from the company or any supply provider.

Dario is being regarded as a cross between the Mendor meter and Sanofi’s iBGstar  from Finland which can also be referred to as all-in-one unit inclusive of lancing device and strips.

Dario is exceptional in that people can analyze data directly on the phone app as well as send data to healthcare professionals and even have their data inspected in clinical investigation as well as epidemiology researches with regards to the patterns and distribution as far as diabetes management is concerned.

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