Manage weight and heart health better with Body Cardio

By TNT Bureau

Oct 6, 2017: Withings, the connected health device firm that was lately obtained by Nokia Technologies, has come up with a new product, Body Cardio which is the fourth generation of Withings scale.

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The most recent scale from the company, the Body Analyzer, came out in 2013. The new scale shows users their weight, body mass index, body composition (fat, muscle, water and bone mass), standing heart rate, and Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) — a new feature not present in previous Withings scales.

Withings defines PWV as the pace at which heartbeat-generated vibrations extend along the arterial wall. It is a chief predictor of hypertension, as per the company.

Advanced health product

Cedric Hutchings, the CEO of Withings said that this new product is the most advanced device we have ever made and redefines how people use connected scales, providing them with a tool to manage their weight as well as heart health. It is like getting information from your  very own doctor on a daily basis.

The scale is 0.7 inches thick, has a one year battery life, and sends data to Withings’ Health Mate app. In the app, patients can see their health data, track trends over time, and use in-app coaching features that let them set goals and earn rewards for meeting those goals.

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Body Cardio will retail for $179.95, making it a little steeper price-wise than Withings’ other scales, which go for $149.95. It will be available from Withings’ online store and at select Apple Stores immediately, with rollouts to additional retailers.

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