Mayurasana or peacock pose

By TNT Bureau

Mayurasana or the peacock yoga pose is one of the main asanas mentioned in the yogic text Hatha Yoga Pradeepika. In sanskrit, ‘Mayura’ means peacock and ‘asana’ means pose. Mayurasana or the peacock pose is a difficult asana for beginners. Yet with a little practice over few weeks, one can master this asana. All one needs is patience and perseverance.

However this asana should be avoided if you have medical conditions like hernia, high blood pressure, heart problems and ulcer. Also women should avoid it during menstruation and pregnancy. Always attempt his asana on an empty stomach.


  • Mayurasana makes the spinal cord straight and rectifies the problems in it
  • It prevents the hip bone from decreasing in density
  • It is helpful in rectifying the constipation
  • It induces the pancreas and helps in preventing diabetes
  • It reduces the cholesterol accumulation in the stomach
  • It increases the appetite
  • It strengthens the lungs
  • It strengthens the hands, legs and shoulders
  • It also strengthens the head and neck bones
  • It prevents the infertility


  • Sit on your heels with the knees wide apart. Bring the hands and forearms together, palms upwards.
  • Leaning forward, place the hands flat on the floor with the fingers pointed in towards the body. Elbows are bent slightly while the sides of the hands and the elbows are joined together.
  • Press your elbows into the midriff area
  • Keep your belly firm and drop your head to the floor.
  • Straighten the knee and stretch one leg straight back and bring the other leg out beside it. The upper part of the feet should be on the floor.
  • Keep your buttocks firm and your shoulders rounded slightly downwards.
  • Raise the head up and gaze forward
  • Shift the weight forward with the buttocks, keeping the legs firm and strong.
  • As the weight shifts, the feet should come off the ground.
  • The body should be aligned on the hands and parallel to the floor.
  • Rest in this position for 10 seconds and steadily increase the time to one minute.
  • Release your feet and head to the floor.
  • Repeat this 2 to 3 times.


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