Meditation is not a spiritual practice

By TNT Bureau

Jan  26, 2016: Meditation can improve your athletic performance, your love life, and even increase your IQMeditation is not a complex matter. It?s not even a spiritual practice, as many people think, unless you wish to make it one. It is more like aerobics for the mind. It tones and tunes up the thinking processes and the emotions and brings everyday life into sharper focus and new degrees of ease and harmony.

It will not turn you into a flower-brandishing pansy or a grinning freak. It can improve your athletic performance or your love life, even increase your IQ. And the best part about meditation is that it requires nothing on your part but the time it takes to do it.

Choose a cosy place

Start by choosing a comfortable chair. If you?re new to this, we don?t advise using your bed. The chair should have a high back and sloped enough to support your head so that it won?t drop into your lap when you relax. Sit down, sink in as deep as you can, and close your eyes. If you can?t seem to remain still for more than a moment, try some stress-reducing techniques. Once your body is relaxed, keep your eyes closed and try to blank your mind, pushing aside every thought that pops up. You might be surprised how busy your mind really is, but this will be a lot of fun

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