Mobile gaming app, FoodLeap promotes healthy eating in children

By TNT Bureau

Mar 23, 2017:  It is indeed difficult to make healthy eating choices among children as well as adults. However, a new gaming app called FoodLeap has been introduced by the National Restaurant Association or NRA with the aim to promote healthy eating in children.

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The new gaming buzz

This innovative game from NRA has been created in coordination with SuperKids Nutrition. It aims to introduce kids to the Kids LiveWell program that provides healthy eating options to them thus, promoting the benefits of consuming veggies and fresh fruits while avoiding junk foods and sugary items.

The manager of media relations NRA, Rachel Salabes opined that the app is like the ideal opportunity to unite spreading alertness about the program with making a fun tool for a family to begin that discussion about making nutritious choices particularly when eating out.

The gaming app follows Super Baby Abigai whoo is a SuperKids Nutrition character as she moves up and down the Rainbow Road from one level to the other by dodging flying kitchenware, getting hold of speed boosts via antioxidant power and collecting healthy foods.

Once a player completes a level, he/she will get to learn motivating facts about those food items that Abigail had successfully collected.

Salabes said that they were in a lookout for something unique and fun to promote Kids LiveWell and it is then that they came up with FoodLeap which is available for free in iPads and iPhones. It also connects directly to the Kids LiveWell app that guides parents to search healthy dining alternatives when they are on-the-go.

Melissa Halas-Liang the founder of SuperKids Nutrition said that cartoon characters and games are fun and quickly grab the attention of kids.

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Main areas of concern

This new gaming app aims to create a healthy conversation between parents and children with regards to the taste of healthy foods and how the kids can enjoy such food items

The children get to gain experience to healthy foods along with their benefits. On the other hand, the parents can encourage the kids in trying out healthful foods as shown in the game when dining out.

NRA had introduced the Kids LiveWell program in the year 2011 with the aid of Healthy Dining, a squad of dieticians who offer nutrition information for restaurant menus and also encourage restaurants to suggest healthy eating choices

The vice president of Industry Affairs and Food Policy of NRA Joan McGlockton said that it is obvious that parents want their kids to eat healthy foods and the development of the Kids LiveWell program has revealed that the restaurant industry is keen on offering healthy eating choices.

McGlockton further said that they are thrilled to put forward an app that will boost awareness about the healthy options available when dining out along with empowering kids with the knowledge to make wholesome choices in an imaginative and pleasurable way.

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