Music therapy enhances wellbeing among patients

By TNT Bureau

May 30, 2017: According to researchers at Heidelberg University, music therapy eases suffering and symptoms among patients receiving palliative care. This helps to enhance wellbeing which results in overall improvement in lifestyle across patients of all ages.

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The researchers scanned 84 patients who were under palliative care. They separated the participants into 2 groups. The first group received music therapy while the second one underwent some relaxation program. The first group got 2 sessions of live music based relaxation workouts. On the other hand, the second group listened to verbal relaxation workouts.

Just before commencing the session, all the participants were inquired about their individual level of acute pain, relaxation and well overall wellbeing. After the session, it was seen that the levels of overall wellbeing and relaxation were higher for the group that received music therapy. Even though there was no difference in level of acute pain for both the groups, the music therapy group reported a significant reduction in fatigue when compared to the other group.

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The report proved that music therapy is an effective method to promote relaxation and enhance wellbeing among terminally ill patients under palliative care.

Nonetheless, it is still unknown as to how music relives anxiety and this is why more and more researches are being conducted to provide evidence on the benefits of music on medical treatments.

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