Natural remedies to reduce jaw pain

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July 4, 2017: Jaw pain is often associated with constant headaches and ear pain. This disease is also known as temperomandibular Joint disease or TMI. There are a indeed a number of ways to treat jaw pain, however there can be nothing more beneficial than natural remedies to reduce jaw pain with no side-effects to any other organs of the body.

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There are varied reasons that lead to jaw pain. One of the most common of them all is imbalance in oral architecture. In common words, your teeth aren?t positioned in a right manner and/or not being favorable as far as the oral environment is concerned. Dr Elakshi Morey Gupta added, ?The moment a tooth moves from its natural position or there is any imbalance, it leads to jaw pain. Depending upon how severe the shift is, the pain is accordingly graduated. Imbalance in your oral architecture, faulty procedure in the mouth, arthritis, stress and posture are some of the other reasons for jaw pain. Another cause may be Tetanus (also called lockjaw), which is a bacterial infection. To prevent it, make sure you are up-to-date with your Tetanus injection shots.?

Besides this, there are other causes of jaw pain as well.The celebrated aesthetic dentist Karishma Jaradi said,? Damage to the temperomandibular joint (TMJ) can lead to symptoms like muscle spasms, headache, neck aches, jaw or teeth pain, trouble during chewing or opening the mouth. Jaw pain is also common among people who eat hard, chewy food, and those who have a history of clenching teeth or who suffer whiplash kind of injuries at an early age. It could also be caused by gum disease, cavities or oral cancer.?

Is jaw pain related to weather condition and age?

During cold weather, jaw pain can get worsened and if left untreated for a long period of time, you may have to face severe consequences.

Jaw pain is known to occur among individuals aged between 18 to 50 years and beyond as well. There is no fixed age group.

Dental surgeon Arther Wani says, ?Arthritis, stress and bruxism (habit of grinding teeth at night) are some of the problems that contribute to it, too. The more it is left untreated, the more severe it gets.Occurrence of jaw pain in an older people is not because of age but because it has been left untreated for a prolonged period.

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Any inequity in teeth positioning can influence your entire body. Even the stance of your body can be one of the causes that may lead to jaw pain and vice versa. Jaw pain can result in spondylosis, which a big number of citizens are ignorant about. Also, cervical collar is more or less connected to jaw pain. Body pain, to a certain degree, can be credited to chronic TMJ. It may also result in migraines.

Getting rid of jaw pain naturally

It is suggested that you meditate at a regular basis. This helps in relaxing the body and while meditating focus the energy levels on your face, especially your jaw. In this way, you can experience pain relief in your jaws in a steady but effective manner.

Also, you can massage the sides of your jaw and cheek and in fact your face as a whole. You can also take some ice and press it against your cheeks for immediate relief. It is advisable to check your magnesium levels as well. If found to be low, you need to add magnesium-rich foods such as dark chocolates, avocado, spinach and pumpkin seeds to your daily diet.

When it comes to TMI, it is suggested to take post treatment care as well. If not done, jaw pain can start off all over again. Besides routine check-up, you are required to practice facial yogic exercises that are helpful in maintaining good jaw health.

Stay away from sweetened beverages and cold drinks. It is suggested to pay attention to healthy foods and daily jaw exercises.

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