Naukasana or boat pose

By TNT Bureau

Naukasana or boat pose instills strength and balance in our lives, just as a steady ship moves calmly through the rough seas. Naukasana is the full expression of the pose that requires full extension of both the arms and the legs, and the body to be in an acute, boat-like ‘V.’


  • Practicing this asana makes the spine, hip flexors, and abdomen stronger
  • It helps to activate the prostate glands, kidneys, intestines and thyroid
  • This asana serves as a great stress reliever
  • The massaging of the abdominal organs helps improve digestion. The digestive system is strengthened as well
  • This asana stabilizes you and also helps you focus better
  • Your hamstrings get stretched
  • The reproductive system is strengthened and toned


  • To begin this asana, sit erect on your mat, with your legs stretched out in front of you
  • Place your hands on the floor, making sure they are slightly behind your hips. Pull your body up, ensuring your sternum is lifted. Lean back. The objective is to straighten your back, making sure it is not rounded
  • Breathe out and lift your legs such that they are at 45-degree angles with the floor
  • Extend your tailbone, and move your hips close to your navel
  • Straighten your knees. Straighten and lift your toes to the eye level. Ensure you are sitting on your buttocks and tailbone
  • Now, raise your arms and stretch them out such that they are parallel to the floor as well as to each other
  • Make sure your lower abdomen is firm, but not thick and hard
  • Breathe normally. Hold the pose for 10 to 20 seconds initially, and as you gain practice, increase the time. Breathe out as you release the pose

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