New calorie-sucking device to help you lose weight

By TNT Bureau

Mar 22, 2017: You know all those times you’re eating an incredible meal of barbecue or fried chicken, and you sort of wish you could clear some room in your stomach? Well, three doctors know the feeling well, and they decided to solve the pesky quirk of biology that causes humans to become satiated after eating. The result is the AspireAssist, developed by two gastroenterologists and an interventional radiologist, and recently approved by the FDA. It’s a device that allows you to dump your undigested food straight into the toilet, right after you’ve eaten it.

What is AspireAssist?

Under light anesthesia, a thin tube (called a gastric tube) is snaked through the mouth, down the esophagus, and into the stomach. Then, a 1in incision is made to allow the tube to exit the belly, forming a port, while the remainder stays inside the stomach. It’s an outpatient procedure, crazily enough, with most patients being able to return home in a couple hours… only with a hole between their stomach and the cruel, harsh outside world.

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What happens next is the truly wild part. Around 20 to 30 minutes after you’ve demolished a burger and a baked potato, you attach a device to this port, which literally sucks out around 30% of the contents of your stomach.

Where does this food go? Aspire Bariatrics, the company behind this weight-loss wonder, says the process takes around five to 10 minutes to complete — think of it as akin to pooping before you digest your food, which is something Aspire Bariatrics definitely does not say.

By aspirating your stomach in this manner (this is the actual science-y term for it, although “dumping,” “sucking,” and “siphoning” sound more fun), the food can’t make its way into your intestines, and therefore doesn’t wind up plastered to your body in the form of fat. Clinical results from this device are promising, with those using it carving off around three times as much weight as their peers who tried basic weight-loss lifestyle alterations — the basic stuff, like eating fewer calories and moving around more.

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Another intriguing aspect of this system is that there are really no dietary restrictions. A lot of weight-loss surgeries have a long list of no-nos, not only to ensure it works, but that you don’t inadvertently give yourself health problems due to putting too much food into too tiny of a tummy

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