New health device to track food calories accurately

By TNT Bureau

Jan 5, 2017: In a scenario where digital health is quiet unable to connect with food tracking, a new health device, SCiO has come up in the market that claims to track food calories in a precise manner.

Before this device from Consumer Physics came into existence, three health technologies have already tried their luck but failed. Let us examine them one at a time.

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Ontario based Airo was the first device to be launched at November 2013 that promised passive calorie tracking. However, after 3 weeks of a huge rage, it was reported that the company had actually refunded the money buyers due to some mysterious reasons. Later the company came up with story that their device will be rechecked and tested and would be available for resale soon. But, there has been no news since then.

Then, there was HealBe GoBE which was able to raise huge crowd funding money in 2014. It was launched in the beginning of2015.  To much dismay, it was found that the device was buggy, incapable of performing the said tasks.

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Then came TellSpec, a very small spectrometer that boasted of being able to deliver accurate information about calories, allergens, nutrients, chemicals and even ingredients found in food. Such claims were known to be fraud forcing the website to go down.

And now Consumer Physics has introduced a brand new device called SCiO which is believed to be useful in passive food tracking. However, this company has made modest claims unlike the previous companies. SCiO  has informed the consumers not to use the it for food allergies and has also confessed that the device might not start out in an accurate way. However, accuracy is believed to grow with a user generated database. Well, let?s hope for the best.

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