New product for bone health to release soon

Feb 24, 2016: BioProtein Technology, a company that manufactures therapeutic growth factors in the form of proteins, is releasing their Physician Guided Bone Health Program, a one of a kind product developed to promote bone formation, improve calcium absorption and to support cardiovascular health.

According to the Center for Disease Control, as many as one in two women and one in five men are at risk for an osteoporosis related fracture.   Each year over 1.5 million Americans suffer fractures because of weak bones.  ?That?s a problem we are working hard to change,? said Chuck Powers, Co-Founder and COO of BioProtein Technology, ?we created our Physician Guided Bone Health Program to be an effective tool to help people strengthen weak bones and to prevent bone loss.?

The Physician Guided Bone Health Program is comprised of an easy to use 2-step kit.  Step one, Build, uses Bonolive, a patented olive leaf extract proven to improve one?s osteocalcin (bone-building protein) levels and to protect bone mass.  In addition Build also contains a bone-strengthening matrix of calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Step two, Fortify, works in conjunction with Build by providing two crucial vitamins; vitamin D and vitamin K.  These 2 vitamins improve the absorption of calcium into bones while supporting the immune system and fighting inflammation.

There are many factors that can negatively affect bone health.  Factors such as age, diet, activity level, medication use, and alcohol intake all impact the rate at which our bones build, break down and rebuild.  Fortunately, a preventative measure like BioProtein Technologies Physician Guided Bone Health Program is an effective way to combat bone loss and strengthen ones bones.

BioProtein Technology is a manufacturer of GMO free, all-natural physician grade supplements and anti aging therapies. Their natural formulas meld traditional Chinese medicine mainstays with the manufacturing technology of the 21st century.

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