Nigeria has a herbal remedy to HIV/AIDS?

By ThinkNaturalToday Bureau

February 24, 2015: Despite years of efforts by researchers and scientists across the globe, a permanent solution to the dreaded disease HIV/AIDS has not been found. There is still no cure for the disease.

Herbal researchers and scientists in Nigeria have been working for years to find a herbal remedy to HIV/AIDS. Now they claim to have found a herbal cure to HIV/AIDS. According to a well-known herbal researcher in Abuja, Ben Amodu, Nigerian herbal researchers have found a solution for HIV/AIDS. ?We are already treating people for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and TB with herbal drugs,? he said. However, he says that the government should support them and proclaim the results of the research, reports AllAfrica.

Herbal drug went through several tests

Amodu said that these herbal drugs?Abalaka HIV drugs?have gone through all scientific processes of testing drugs. The researchers have submitted their work to go through all scientific processes and they have a list of approvals. Recently, an American University and the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) have worked on the herbal drug and achieved the same result.

How the herbal drug works

Amodu explains that ARV increases the ability of a person taking to live well. The symptoms of wellbeing are reflected in his blood, and the volume of his blood will increase. His CD4 count, which shows that he is overcoming the virus, will go up.

By using the herbal drug, the same thing happens?the CD4 goes up. The CD4 of a person with HIV goes down and his immunity too goes down. But the ARV takes it up and the herbal drug too takes it up. While in ARV, there are some side effects as som other drugs like Septrin also needs to be taken, in the herbal drug there is no side effects and no other drugs need to be added. This herbal drug also removes all skin diseases that is associated with HIV/AIDS. The herbal drug also eliminates the constant headache, loss of appetite, vomiting, etc which an HIV patient suffers from, claims Amodu.

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