Obesity causes rise in kidney stone cases

By TNT Bureau

Mar 14, 2017:  The researchers at Southampton general hospital have found out that obesity is one of the core reasons behind kidney stone increase. Besides this, it was also revealed that lack of exercise and high blood pressures also contribute towards the rise in kidney stone cases.

In the last 7 years, admissions for renal stone treatment at the hospital have augmented by 20% with over 90.000 patients admitted each year for the treatment.

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Bhaskar Somani, the urological surgeon at the hospital opined that it is the unhealthy lifestyle and diets that accelerate kidney stone cases. He explained, ?We know diet and lifestyle can be a major cause of stones and, with a year-on-year rise in the number of hospital admissions for renal stones and growing numbers of overweight or obese adults, the potential for the number of cases to soar even higher is huge.?

He added, “In Southampton specifically, our numbers have gone up by 40% over the past three years and have resulted in the need for us to recruit a specialist stone nurse and registrar to see patients, as well as set-up virtual clinics by phone ? so urology and stone services face a very testing future.”

The research team has focused on a study to reveal the connection between metabolic syndrome and kidney stone illness which is often the result of combination of diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and high cholesterol.

The research which was published in the journal Enduorology, revealed a direct connection between development of kidney stones and MetS, with occurrence maximum in those with 3 or more characteristics of the disease.

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Somani said that kidney stones are usually the outcome born out of weight gain. Additionally, it is also responsible for causing a number of negative impacts on the lifestyle among patients.

He continued that it is extremely necessary to raise awareness of this critical issue and it is only then that there will be significant amount of reduction in kidney stone cases. People should start exercising on a daily basis and should stay away from fast and processed foods.

He further said that people should start consuming 3 to 4 litres of water per day. He said, “It’s a small step, but better hydration is a quick and easy way to start making lifestyle improvements and people will begin to see and feel the benefits early on.”

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