Overweight men likely to pass obesity risk in kids

By TNT Bureau

June 27, 2017: According to a study conducted at universities in Sweden and  Copenhagen,children of overweight men are more likely to fall prey to obesity. It was found out that men?s weight directly influences genes in sperm that are interconnected to brain development and appetite.

The study showed that DNA in the sperm of overweight men was different when compared to that of healthy weight men. Also, how the DNA was used by the body was found to be varied. It was these differences that raised the likelihood that kids of obese men could inherit genetic characteristics, pushing them towards obesity.

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Then the researchers scanned sperm of 6 men before and after weight loss surgery. Here, it was shown that the genes in their sperm began to change along with their weight loss. This suggested that reducing weight might just be able to overturn the genetic alterations that are involved with being obese.

Even though the results of the research are quiet interesting, one needs to treat it with extreme cautiousness. The research also showed comparison of 13 average weight men with 10 obese men in the first section, and only 6 men who underwent weight loss surgery. Such figures are extremely small.

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At the same time, we aren?t sure whether the genetic alterations recognized in the obese men will make their kids obese or not.If the findings of the research are confirmed in a larger group, then it would be advisable for men to eat healthy when planning to start a family.

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