Physical activities can reduce hip arthritis pain

By TNT Bureau

June 19, 2017: According to a new review physical exercise is beneficial in reducing hip arthritis pain. However, there are only some well-designed clinical trials that are going on.

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In a shocking report, it was found out that 3 million cases of osteoarthritis can be seen in the US every year. The most vulnerable are those who are obese, have weak muscles, genetic problems, older or have previous cases of joint injuries.

Dr Amanda E Nelson from the Thurston Arthritis Research Center said,? It is nice to finally have some hip-specific data, as hip and knee osteoarthritis are often grouped together and it is almost certain that there are differences between these groups of patients, as well as differences in those with multiple joint osteoarthritis.

She added that the undergoing researches are still assorted and small and hence, extensive studies should be performed in order to provide exact recommendations.

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The review solely concentrated on pain and not the overall joint function which can also be enhanced through physical activities.

The research conducted reviews on 19 studies of land-based and water-based physical activities for hip pain management. Among these, 10 dealt with hip osteoarthritis.

The researchers said that manual therapy that includes massage, stretching and joint manipulation did not seem to render any extra benefits when combined with physical exercise or even on their own.

Dr Kem Bennell who was also a part of the review opined that such news wasn?t encouraging at all. Majority of the doctors do not suggest exercises for osteoarthritis and instead opt for pain-relieving medicines.

Bennel said,? “There are numerous potential barriers to recommendation and treatment including access to care, financial concerns, and the burden of managing multiple medical conditions in a short visit with a provider, among others.?

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