Post-pregnancy yoga sequence for new mothers

By TNT Bureau

Oct 10, 2017: After giving birth, a new mother not only has a beautiful bundle of sweetness to love, but she is usually left with a sore lower back, tight hips, and tense shoulders as well. Here’s a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga sequence that’s sure to bring relief.

New moms often need to multitask; this forward bend variation targets tight hamstrings, lower back, and shoulders all at once. It also feels nice to lower the head below the hips, the blood rushing to the head can give a tired mom a quick pick-me-up.

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Quarter dog pose

Many moms complain of wrist pain from constantly picking up and holding their little ones, and this variation of Down Dog is easy on the wrists. It will also stretch tight hamstrings and increase strength in your upper body. Make sure your forearms are parallel in this pose. Either gaze at your feet or up toward your navel. Work your way to holding for five breaths.

Lizard pose

Suffering from tight hips and hip flexors? Lizard pose is just what you need. If your hips are really tight, keep your torso lifted and bring your hands to your hips or rest your hands on the floor under your shoulders. This pose feels so amazing on tight hips; go ahead and stay in it for as long as you’d like.

Camel pose

It feels so good to stretch your abs and shoulders in this gentle backbend called camel. If it’s too intense to lower both hands to your feet, lower one hand at a time. Hold for five breaths, breathing deeply into your chest as you press your hips forward, increasing the stretch in your upper back.

Cobra pose

Doesn’t it feel amazing to finally be able to lie on your belly? Soak up this wonderful ab stretch by doing Cobra. Keep your elbows soft and shoulders relaxed as you gently press into your hands, increasing flexibility in your lower back. Stay for five breaths, looking forward, or lower your head behind you and gaze up toward the ceiling.

Seated wide-legged straddle

After doing Cobra, do this counterpose to stretch your lower back and hamstrings. Bring your legs out as wide as you can, making sure your knees and toes are pointing straight up toward the ceiling. Stay with your torso lifted or fold forward if it feels comfortable, keeping your back straight. Hold for five breaths.

Pigeon pose

Target your tight hips even more with good old pose. This variation with your hands on your hips is really intense, so if it’s too much on your hips or lower back, rest your hands on the floor in front of you. This is another pose you can hold for longer than the traditional five breaths.

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Plow Pose

Relieve your sore neck and upper back with this relaxing pose called plow. Keep your knees bent if this pose becomes too intense on your neck, and avoid turning your head. Hold here for five breaths.

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