Postures in Muslim prayer help treat back pain

By TNT Bureau

Mar 15, 2017: A new study suggests that the movements involved in the daily Muslim prayers may offer relief from lower back pain, similar to other physical therapies and yoga.

The study suggested that daily practice of the motions involved in Muslim prayers could effectively help people who are dealing with lower back pain.

The paper was published in the International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering. The revealed that the poses struck by the Muslims in their daily prayers, which includes kneeling and touching the ground with their foreheads is an effective way to treat lower back pain if performed regularly.

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Study co-author, Dr Mohammad Khasawneh stated that the movements are similar to those of yoga or physical exercises used to treat lower back pain. Studies also show that there is a strong association between prayer and ways of maintaining a physically healthy lifestyle.

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For the research, a team from Binghamton University, State University of New York employed the use of a computer-made model of healthy adult men and women from various racial and national backgrounds including India, Asia and America. The research proved that while bowing down puts stress on the lower back, the downward kneeling associated with Muslim prayer help reduce back pain. The kneeling posture makes the joints flexible.

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