Rejuvenate your skin with LED lights

By Ella Bhat, ThinkNaturalToday Bureau

February 11, 2016: Our skin can absorb infrared light and stimulate cellular regeneration using it as a source of energy. The impact of LED light therapy on the skin and body has been scientifically proved.

It is claimed that LED light therapy can take care of many types of skin problems. It can remove acne, calm eczema and rosacea, prevent wrinkles, and heal scares. Not only that, LED light therapy promises to be totally painless. This sounds too good to be true.

Spas that offer LED skin therapy promise that LED lights can energize, rejuvenating, relieve stress.

LED light goes deep into the skin to heal the problems. The healing benefits of LED light was first found by NASA when researchers discovered that cells exposed to LED light grow 150% to 200% faster than cells which are not exposed to LED light.

How it works

LED lamps produce infrared light like photo rejuvenation, which stimulates fibroblast cell in the skin. This, in turn, increases the production of collagen and elastin, which are proteins that tone up the skin and make it elasticity.

When LED light falls on the skin, it feels relaxing and comfortable. It is painless and totally safe for any age, colour or skin type, and can be used on any part of the body.

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