Rise and popularity of apps in health technology

By TNT Bureau

Sep 21, 2017: 2016 is already on its way to becoming one of the golden moments for fitness industries across the world. While on one hand IBM has come up with Under Armour partnership, Apple on the other has its Healthkit and Apple Watch. It sure looks like health technology will really hit it off this year.

According to the Consumer Electronics Association., sales of health devices will reach a staggering $17.4 million by the end of 2016. Experts are of the opinion that rather than the hardware, it will be the content and software that will remain in focus.

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Apps empowering health tech

Apps on the health gadgets will be super-powered by information analytics. This will give rise to an increasingly modified customer experience as far as fitness is concerned. This section has been able to attract loads of attention from entrepreneurs, investors and as well as related public companies.

The former CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo said that they are building a software fitness stage that re-imagines the pathway to individual health. A whole bunch of entrepreneurs and investors are now focusing on creating more effective and smarter apps capable of catching the attention of all.

In accordance with a recent data by Pitchbook, it was revealed that there were sixty-eight deals that were responsible for approximately $300 million in venture in the health wearable for 2015.

One of the appealing examples of a startup mobile tech is none other than nutrition app Rise. It aims to aid people in their weight loss goals. Here, you get paired with a personal trainer and then click and upload images of your meals to obtain reaction from the trainer.

CEO of Rise Suneel Gupta opined that it is not that people are able to follow a controlled and healthy diet for sometime but then, they don?t stick to it for a long period of time. Hence, with Rise, he is hoping to provide magic in efficiency of working with the real health and fitness experts.

He talked about Apple for its primary role in the health industry. He said that Apple is a huge example of a business that is initiating to create health a real concern.

Rise incorporates Fitbit data and Apple’s Healthkit and you can download it both in iOS and Android smartphones. The trainers merge the food logs of the users of the app along with their daily activity data and draw on information within the 10,000 users of the app to provide customized feedback on cutting down calories and making healthy choices.

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Different approach by Under Armour

Sports clothing firm Under Armour is captivating a diverse approach to tailored training. CEO Kevin Plank announced a tactical partnership with IBM to fetch Watson’s smarts to its new UA Record app on January 6, 2016.

Watson will chomp data from 4.5 million users of Under Armour to convey importance of fitness along with fruitful suggestions to users.

The vice president of development for IBM analytics Rob Thomas said a number of motivating and unforeseen findings are already rising.

For instance, for specific group of individuals looking forward to losing weight consuming a good breakfast alone will not help. They should also lay focus on eating healthy lunch as well.

He also said that proper sleep pattern and exercising at least four times a week are also important in achieving weight loss, though he stressed that diet is the major factor.

As Watson finds out more about UA Record users the objective is to put in new abilities over the approaching time ahead. Similar to Rise, the app will undertake nutrition coaching however, rather than real-life trainers, it will employ Watson’s visual acknowledgment technology to analyze and give reactions on foods.

Watson is also embarking upon the issue of running in the rain. Drawing on IBM’s trove of historic weather data and forecasts, the system will adapt fitness program suggestions.

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