Some secrets to great digestion

By TNT Bureau

Nov 27, 2017: Due to our busy and stressful lifestyle, many of us face digestion problems. These problems may range from simple to very complex ones. Ayurveda says that when you eat , you should be mindful of your eating. This is more important than to watch what you eat. You approach to food and the way you eat affects indigestion leading to gas, acidity and bloating, says ayurveda. Here are some ayurvedic tips for good digestion.

Eat only when you are hungry

If you eat or munch when you are not hungry means that the body does not need food. This habit will not only make you gain weight, but will also leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. You should eat when you stomach is really empty, which means your digestive enzymes are strong enough to break down the food. Give a gap of three to four hours between meals. This is the time that takes to absorb your food.

Seat and eat in calm

Don’t rush your food down, and do not eat while working or moving around. When you eat, your mind should be calm and your focus should be on your eating and chewing. These habits will give you digestive benefits. If you do not chew well, ou will definitely get digestion problems.

Smell, taste, and feel the textures of food

When you do so, you are paying attention to your eating, and your stomach also feels full, and you will stay satisfied throughout the day.

Eat freshly-cooked food

If your food is freshly cooked, you will also feel fresh. If you eat stale food, you will feel tired and sluggish.

Sip warm water

If you sip warm water throughout the day and at meals, it will help in good digestion. When you are properly hydrated, it is easy for the food to pass through the digestive system.

While it takes the body about 30 minutes to digest warm water, it takes 1 hour to digest cold water, says ayurveda,

because the body has to work more to heat up the cold water to absorb it.

Relax after a meal

A a meal, just take out a few minutes to relax, and give the body time to absorb the food. If you do not relax after a meal, blood flow in the stomach will not be normal, and circulation will decrease.

The biggest meal should be your lunch

Ayurveda says that since the digestive fire is the strongest, the biggest meal should had at lunch time. This way the body will get time to digest before going to bed.

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