Some still popular old yoga trends

By TNT Bureau

Mar 15, 2017: Yoga has been becoming popular, and it keeps evolving. Yoga gurus are making yoga more and more appealing to the beginners so that more and more people enjoy yoga’s multiple benefits.

Today, there are many trends in the yoga world—some were developed some years back, but are still in the vogue. The curious beer yoga and animal yoga have been the talk of the yoga world, and been discussed all over the web. There are some more trends that have been talked about and implemented, too.


This is a campaign that had been started by Yoga & Body Image Coalition to challenge the stereotypes and make them aware about who practices yoga, who should practice yoga, and what a ‘yoga body’ looks like. The campaign was spread through a promo video, designed T-shirts to spread the message, and a book—Yoga and Body Image—was created that looks into the fact how yoga impacts our body. The campaign aims to show the world that every person can do yoga regardless of age.


We usually see yoga studios full of women and less men. Yoga magazines and websites usually show pictures of women. But now yoga classes, specially catering to men, are being introduced in countries around the world.

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All men are not the heavy exercise types, so for them yoga is apt. Many men out there do not just aim for muscle building; they want to gain flexibility and balance. With this aim in mind, 5 years back, Robert Sidot and Adam O’Neill, developed Broga, a yoga-based fitness program that aims to strength, flexibility and balance for men.

Prison yoga

James Fox in USA had developed prison yoga way back in 2002. It aims to teach yoga to the prisoners to keep them calm. His idea was developed into the Prison Yoga Project. Today thousands of yoga instructors have been trained to teach yoga to the women and men in the prison. The daily practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation helps the prisoners deal with stress, anger, and negative emotions. Prison Yoga has been introduced in many prisons across the world.

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Aerial yoga

This is a modern trend of yoga—an aerial adaptation of traditional yoga poses. It offers the same benefits but has added some excitement and enthusiasm to the ancient yoga techniques. Aerial yoga is done by using props like soft fabric hammock made of high-density nylon material that can support heavy weights. It is also supported by chains and straps for grips. Aerial yoga makes one flexible as the practitioner can easily move her/his body into new positions, which also helps in deeper stretches.

Paddle yoga

Paddle yoga, also known as SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddle Yoga) is becoming a popular yoga trend. It is doing yoga on a paddleboard. Paddle yoga reduces stress, strengthens, tones and stretches the body. It combines yoga practice with natural elements like sun, water and fresh air. As it is done on a paddleboard, an unstable platform, it forces the practitioner to use the core strength and stabilize the muscles.

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