Soothing Touch promotes green beauty

By TNT Bureau

Mar 31, 2016: Soothing Touch is a personal care brand which is based on ayurvedic principles and the best part of it all is that this green product has actually been introduced by a yogi.

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Soothing Touch is a family-owned ayurvedic beauty product that is absolutely cruelty-free. It is devoted to formulating massage and personal care products that are better for your insides and helpful for your outwards appearance.

All the products under Soothing Touch are formulated without any kind of chemicals such as petroleum, TEA, GMOs, DEA, phthalate, PEG, propylene glycol and parabens. Hence, its entire range of products is an incredible addition to your green beauty cupboard.

Soothing Touch Ayurveda Island Coconut Body Lotion is loaded with nourishing and skin-balancing oils that help in making your skin hydrated, smooth, glowing and supple. The ayurvedic lotion is thick enough to act as butter for your body, and thus, it is extremely luxurious. Nonetheless, the lotion sinks in quicker than body butter, thus it can be regarded as a suitable product for use even if you are having a busy and hectic day. This green product contains natural coconut fragrance, which is remarkable for those who simply can’t resist the fragrance of coconut oil.

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It is suggested that you give Soothing Touch a try for anyone looking especially if you are one of those who is in a lookout for natural skincare products.

For those of you who are interested to buy this amazing ayurvedic based green product, you can simply log on to Soothing Touch website and buy a bottle of this natural skincare product at the earliest. So, what you waiting for? It is time to flaunt your gorgeous skin with the help of Soothing Touch.

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