Spice up your yoga practice with CrossFit  

By TNT Bureau

Nov 7, 2017: Gym workout has become old now. CrossFit is in. CrossFit is a fitness program started more than a decade ago in USA and is now practiced by millions around the world. CrossFit works on the principle of mixing high intensity exercises to build up stamina and improve one’s preparedness for any physical challenge. Aerobic exercises, weight lifting and gymnastics are all part of a regular CrossFit workout schedule.

Many across the world have benefitted from the mixed-bag exercise pattern of CrossFit and swear by its effectiveness. The rigorous workout last for less than an hour and yet is physically demanding, sometimes causing physical injuries due to its speed. To counter such injuries and keep your CrossFit experience optimum, you can include yoga as a part of your pre and post workout regime.

Yoga is an ancient art that loosens the body, calms the mind and helps approach things with a fresh perspective. The motive of adding yoga to a CrossFit regime is to aid you in making the body more flexible, getting rid of any stiffness and having a peaceful mind before approaching the demanding workout.


Part of the CrossFit philosophy is the variety of challenging movements. While yoga usually doesn’t incorporate the high-intensity element of the CrossFit workouts, it does employ our bodies in different ways. Today you may be working on the quick movement in the snatch. In yoga, you havea shoulder workout using the side plank for stability followed by some intense postures to improve flexibility. These will allow you to properly perform the snatch without injury.

Yoga will complement your CrossFit workouts and help you to execute all phases of a lift or movement with greater ease and mobility.


Balancing poses in yoga apply to more than just the physical aspects of coordination and dexterity. Although those aspects of balance are essential for our health and they allow us to do functional training both in and out of the gym, equally important is our ability to balance workout days with active rest. Balance is finding a meeting point between stretching and strengthening our muscles. It is the ability to calm our mind.


In CrossFit workouts, we pay close attention to our form, but because of the quickness motions and pace of the workout, we may not be aware of how our body feels during the movement. In CrossFit Yoga you focus not only on how the body moves, but how it feels as it moves. For example, if you feel a little ache in your right shoulder during a push press, the yoga could focus on the same movement, done more slowly and with awareness. You may notice exactly when your shoulder tweaks, which would allow you to adjust so that you could perform the movement without the aches and pains. Or maybe it’s due to a lack of flexibility. As you become more aware of your body, it will be easier to find ways to help your body function better at all times.

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Yoga is a great complement to your CrossFit workout. It can bring your workouts to the next level, while at the same time reducing stress and calming your mind. Just because you have started CrossFit doesn’t mean you should stop everything else. Yoga is a great pairing with CrossFit! While one is very quiet, peaceful, and reflective, the other is loud, aggressive, and competitive: these opposites may be just what you need to keep your mind and body in balance.

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