Spinach extract reduces hunger pangs by 95%

By TNT Bureau

Aug 21, 2017:  According to a study conducted at Lund University in Sweden, spinach extract reduces hunger pangs by 95% thus boosting weight loss by 43%.

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The researchers have finally come up with a way to disconnect those wires that instil your mind with cravings for unhealthy foods and junk. It has been revealed that a particular spinach extract known as thylakoids helps in decreasing the unnecessary hunger pangs for junk foods. These extract are basically the green leaf membranes of spinach.

Keeping stomach full for a long period of time

The longing for unhealthy and junk foods have resulted in people falling prey to a number of deadly diseases such as obesity, heart strokes and diabetes. And now, something as easy as spinach extract can alter that unhelpful course with close to perfect efficiency.

In the research, spinach extract helped in reinforcing the production of satiety hormones. It was like as if the spinach extract sent out mini soldiers for backing up in order to curb hunger pangs for junk foods. Furthermore, the extract helps in bringing improved appetite controls thus, promoting healthier eating habits that aid in overall weight loss success.

The Professor of Medicine and Physiological Chemistry of Lund University Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson said that the analysis demonstrates that when you consume a drink that contains thylakoids prior to breakfast, it helps in reduces cravings thus keeping your belly full for a long period of time.

Now boosting weight loss is easy

The study was conducted for a period of 3 months during which it followed the lives of 38 obese women. The participants were divided into two groups: one group was asked to consume a green drink that contained 5 grams of spinach extract prior to breakfast each morning.

The other group were asked to consume a green drink that contained placebo. Both the groups were instructed to consume balanced diet.

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After the completion of 3 months, it was seen that the first group that consumed spinach extract lost 11 pounds. On the other hand, the second group lost only 7.7 pounds. The striking difference said itr all.

Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson said that the thylakoid group foundit easier to consume 3 meals a day without the craving for sweets or any other unhealthy foods.
She further said that it is how you make use of your time in order to digest the food. There is nothing amiss as far as your digestive system is concerned, however it doesn’t work well with the contemporary foods that are unhealthy.

The spinach extract helps in extending digestion which produces a feeling of satisfaction. This means that you will be able to stick to the diet we are supposed for without snacking on superfluous foods such as sweets, fried items etc.

The reason as to why processed foods are extremely hazardous is that it breaks down in an extreme quick manner. This doesn’t allow the hormones adequate time to inform the brain that your belly is full. Hence, spinach extract helps in slowing down the digestive process thus, providing the body time to converse to the brain that the stomach is full.

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