Sri Sri Ayurveda vs Patanjali: The ultimate battle begins

By TNT Bureau

Mar 16, 2016:  According to a report by brokerage Edelweiss Securities, the consumer products brand of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar which is known as Sri Sri Ayurveda or SSA is all set to take on Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali.

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Patanjali ‘threat’ as strong as ever

The report filed by the associate director of institutional equities and research analyst Abneesh Roy stated that renewed aggression from Sri Sri Ayurveda can now be felt everywhere.

The report doesn’t talk about the exact amount Sri Sri Ayurveda Trust is spending on promotion.  A few Indian spiritual leaders are parlaying their authority, generally spiritual along with political in order to introduce a portfolio of consumer products, as majority of the common citizens of India who follow their teachings religiously either via mass gatherings or TV, buy the products.

It was in 2003 that SSA first begun selling its ayurvedic products however, interestingly its development comes at a time when Patanjali advertising blitzkrieg has already made a number of major multinationals anxious.

Throughout the year 2015, Patanjali swamped the market with ayurvedic products such as toothpaste, noodles, biscuits, flour and much more. It actually gave tremendous and tough competition to large companies such as Dabur and Hindustan Unilever.

In December 2015, it was reported that Patanjali is willing to spend $360000 million on advertising in the 4 months up to March 2016.

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SSA taking on Patanjali

SSA is gradually coming up with a portfolio very similar to that of Patanjali. Products advertised on, the company’s website along with Twitter and Facebook include toothpaste, ayurvedic medicines, shampoos, scrubs etc under the brand name Sri Sri Ayurveda.

SSA has a facility in the Southern part of India, Bengaluru with a quality control unit, investigation and development division and advertising department.

Although it trails Patanjali, whose revenues are extremely likely to increase up to at least $ 5, 00,000 millions by the end of March 2016, by an enormous gap, SSA is doing additional to put in distributors, the report suggested.

SSA products are mainly sold via600 franchise stores and some ‘Divine Shops’ that have been set up at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s gatherings. You can also purchase them online at, and

SSA is looking forward to open 2,500 stores all over India by the yaer 2017 with a comprehensive range of modern, every day consumption goods with the spirit of ancient wellbeing.

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