Stay away from these foods if you want to control hunger pangs

By TNT Bureau

Nov 22, 2016: Are you struggling with constant hunger? Then, it is time to put a check on your snacking habits. Snacking will help to compress your hunger for a while—whether you are actually full or how long the snack can compress your hunger varies from food to food.

Fat, protein and fibre keep you satisfied for a longer period of time. However, foods with certain components will only increase your hunger all the more. Therefore, it is advised to stay away from these six foods, particularly if you are looking to lose weight.

Wheat bread

Although wheat bread is loaded with fibre, it lacks fat and protein. In order to make the toast satisfying, spread jam or healthy fats such as peanut butter. However, keep your portions in check.

Egg whites

Even though egg whites are loaded with protein, it lacks calories and fat. Hence, consuming only egg whites will not help you stay full for a long period of time. Opt for whole eggs instead as they are loaded with healthy fats that make meals all the more substantial.

Fat-free dairy products

Fat-free milk and yogurt are less in calories. However, they are less satiating at the same time. These products consist of no fat to decelerate the breakdown of lactose, and actually burn off quickly. Hence, opt for whole milk instead of skimmed milk.

Pickles and salty snacks

Since such foods are loaded with salt, they make you feel very thirsty, which makes you all the more hungry. Hence, stay away from pickles and consume lots of water to battle hunger caused due to thirst.

 Whole grain crackers

They are loaded with heart healthy fibre that is actually mostly carbohydrates with no fat or protein. Hence, it is suggested to spread some peanut butter on the crackers to control hunger.

 White rice

Rice contains starch which makes sugar level dip, and as a result of which you instantly feel hungry just few minutes after consuming rice. It is suggested to eat brown rice instead as it contains lots of fibre.

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