Stop falling prey to these beauty myths

By TNT Bureau

Oct 25, 2017: Majority of the women tend to fall prey to beauty myths at some point of their lives. This results in following a number of hacks that actually don’t bring any significant results at all. It is time to stop falling prey to these beauty myths as mentioned below so that you have a clear idea of what the truth actually is.

Castor oil for thick eyebrows

You will hear many people saying that applying castor oil on eyebrow helps them grow thick and fast. However, the reality is that no oil can affect your eyebrow hair growth. Nonetheless, if you observe some hair growth, then it is most possibly due to the massage of the skin underneath the eyebrows when you apply the castor oil.

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Pro-vitamin B5 and keratin based shampoo for hair repair

The fact is that the conditioners with hydrolysed animal protein may enhance the quality of hair to some extent however a variety of other additives only improve the commercial value.

Cleansing milk and facial packs for cleaning pores

You won’t believe what is as effective as cleansing milk. Soaps. Yes, soaps do help in deep cleaning and these products offer no significant advantage.

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Skin cream and moisturiser with vitamins A, E for skin ageing

Most of these substances are not absorbed topically and hence carry no added advantage over a plain moisturiser. Some of them are humectants and thus act as moisturisers and temporarily improve wrinkles.

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