Study found direct link between alcohol and liver cancer

By TNT Bureau

Mar 1, 2017: A study by the World Cancer Research Fund found that drinking as much as just three pints of beer a day could cause liver cancer.

The researchers said that for the first time a strong link could be created between tumours and alcohol units consumed.

The World Cancer Research Fund found those who drink six units daily, which is equivalent to three pints of beer or two large glasses of wine, are prone to cancer.

The World Cancer Research Fund suggests that women should limit their alcohol intake to just one drink per day and men to two drinks per day.

Amanda McLean, director of World Cancer Research Fund UK, said: ?Around three or more drinks per day can be enough to cause liver cancer. Until now we were uncertain about the amount of alcohol likely to lead to liver cancer.?

Research also shows that obese is also linked to increased risk of liver cancer. The research also found that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of liver cancer.

Liver cancer is a deadly disease with just 12% survival rate. Around 782,000 cases were diagnosed in 2012 globally, and in UK alone, there were 4,703 cases.

According to World Cancer Research Fund, 24% of liver cancer cases in UK could be prevented if people did not drink.Health experts in UK are of the opinion that there is urgent need for mandatory health warnings on alcohol products. Alcohol Health Alliance UK says that people are still not unaware of the direct link between alcohol and cancer.


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