Suffering from arthritis? Try out these effective herbs

By TNT Bureau

July 10, 2017: Arthritis symptoms can keep you from going about your everyday activities. The pain and swelling may still persist despite medical intervention. In an effort to gain relief and take a “natural” approach, more arthritis patients are seeking herbal remedies than ever before. Certain herbs may have anti-inflammatory properties that can help with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), as well as the ability to reduce pain in all forms of the disease.

Still, there is a lack of scientific evidence supporting such claims. Before you treat arthritis the natural way, make sure you talk to a doctor first to avoid potentially life-threatening side effects.  Have a look at the top 7 herbs that help you fight arthritis.


It reduces inflammation and pain in joints. Due to carminative activity it helps in alleviating toxins due to indigestion and relieves constipation. It also detoxify liver and corrects metabolism.

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Hot potency and madhur vipak makes it excellent pacifier of vata dosha. It has positive effect on the whole body especially vata locations as nerves, joints, ligaments, muscles etc. It helps in relieving pain and inflammation of the joints and alleviate fluid retention.


It regulates vata dosha( humor) due to its pungent, sweet, bitter and astringent taste , sharp and unctuous nature, which is the primary cause of arthritis. it is equally beneficial in external and internal use. All the above properties make it good analgesic and anti – inflammatory. It also regulate metabolism due to its hot potency. it increases strength of asthi dhatu and whole body in general.


As the name it gives bala (strength) to the body. Has excellent vata balancing properties. It is a rasayan herb which repairs wear and tear of joints due to aggravation of vata. It relieves pain and inflammation in arthritis. It has positive affect on nervous system and aids in expelling toxic gases from indigestion.


Haridra balances vata which is the primary dosha involved in arthritis,antiseptic properties of haridra makes it useful in relieving the pain and inflammation of the joints due to two active chemicals – curcumin and curcuminioids.


It is laxative, analgesic and antipyretic in nature. It alleviates inflammation of the joints and have positive effect on the neural system. It improves digestion and alleviate abdominal gases which is one of the main feature of vata dosha

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It nourishes asthi dhatu and strengthens cartilage and ligaments. It has calcium oxalate in its chemical composition which gives it a unique property of regeneration of bones tissues.

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