Switch to herbal tinctures for good health

By TNT Bureau

Aug 10, 2017: If you want to experience good health this winter, switch to herbal tinctures from Mother Nature. These herbs are efficiently referred to as modern staples that provide natural remedies in curing a number of physical and mental disturbances.

Do you know that you can actually make over 20 custom herbal blends to ease diseases such as cold, cough and even insomnia? These are therapeutic infused liquids that are created thorough soaking botanicals in water and alcohol range in strength calculated by botanical extract ratios which should be more or less about 1:5.

Such tinctures overpower all other kinds of extracts and are immensely active in providing quick desirable results. Since you will be extracting out the essential parts of the herbal plants, it is extremely easy for you to make such tinctures. You can consume them alone or you can also add them to your meals.

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The miracle herbs

Elethero is one of the widely used herbs that act as stress buster. This adaptogen is also known for curing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Astragalus is a Chinese herb that helps with neoplastic cells which means that it is effective in treating the side effects of chemotherapy. It also helps in reducing blood sugar levels while strengthening the immune system.

Echicea is known as blood moving herb and thus, works wonders with purifying blood and enhancement of immune levels on an overall basis. For those suffering from acute tensions, it is recommended to opt for skullcap formulations. There is this herbal tincture called Anxiety Free with skullcap as one of its main ingredients.

For insomnia tinctures, look out for herbs such as hops, chamomile, wood betony, poppy, damiana, valerian and passionflower.

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Preparing herbal tinctures at home

You can make your very own herbal tinctures at home. Simply fill a Mason jar with a quarter full of herbs. Add some alcohol so as to cover two fingers above the herbs.

Vodka is the most commonly used alcohol. However, it is to be remembered that there are varied requirements for different herbs. Some herbs are made up of fatty chemical substances which means that such herbs require high alcohol content. On the other hand, some herbs are extremely rich in minerals, suggesting to add little amount of alcohol. For instance, avena and nettles require only 25% alcohol while astragalus and milk thistle need 60 to 85% alcohol content.

It is important that you shake the Mason jar for about a month on a daily basis. This is done so that the molecules of the alcohol and water mix hit each and every particle of the herbs in a thorough manner.

Disclaimer: None of the facts are created by ThinkNaturalToday. Herbs should be tried only with your doctor’s permission.

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