Take care of your health this winter with soup cleanse

By TNT Bureau

Dec 13, 2017: A bowl of nutritious soup not only fills your stomach in a healthy way but also makes you feel warm. Soups results in healthy digestion, leaner body, fresh mind and reduced stress. It also warms your body since during winters the body demands warm, hearty foods.

Soups are filling and nutritious, and you should add it to your daily diet. Nutritionists suggest consuming soup five times a week as it is healthy for your gut, and the gut determines your physical and mental health.

Souping Vs juicing

When compared to soups, juice contains no fiber, and juicing for more than a day reduces metabolism rate. It is suggested to consume juice on alternative days, and to limit to twice or thrice a week. Also, juice cannot make you feel full.

On the other hand, you don’t feel hungry when you are souping. This means that you are less likely to binge after having a bowl of satisfying soup.

 Soup cleanse

If you want to have soup to cleanse your body system, then you should have five soups per day, which includes three wholesome soups for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with two broths for a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack.

The duration of the soup cleanse depends on individual goals. Soup cleanse can be for anyone as it helps to kick-start healthy habits, reinforce your digestion and metabolism, eliminates bloating and headaches. The fiber-rich soup cleanse also increases your spiritual energy and you feel light.

Brothing is key

Broths can be increasingly powerful for your body. They contain essential minerals, nutrients, and enzymes. Broths are often considered ideal for nutrient-rich mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. So, you can load your broths with herbs, sprouts, sesame seeds and vegetables to welcome good health this winter.

 Focus on key ingredients

It is important that you add veggies, spices, herbs, mushrooms, and legumes in your soup.Each soup should be delicious natural supplement that helps you heal. Do not use GMOs, fruits, nuts, sugar and glutten. Let your soups bepure and super healthy.

Adding anything unnatural such as salt or sugar to the soup will mask the goodness of organic veggies. Nuts are hard to digest and fruits are loaded with sugar.

 Ayurveda, meditation and yoga integral to souping

Soups form a major part of ayurveda as theyhelp balance your doshas, and soothe your body and mind. Soup cleanse relaxes and nourishes your body as well as mind. This iswhere meditation and yoga come in. It is suggested that when you want to cleanse your full body system, you should also add yoga and meditation in your cleansing program.

Meditation will additionally help you to relax the body and mind. You should practice mindfulness meditation when you consume soup cleanse. On the other hand, yoga is important for good breathing practice, particularly while cleansing program is on, as it creates a sense of peacefulness in your mind and body.

Magic turmeric broth

The digestive properties of turmeric healthe gut and help cure fevers and infections.Magic turmeric broth is an amazing immune booster and anti-inflammatory aid, which is blessed with several anti-cancer properties.

In order to prepare this magical broth, add nutritious veggies such as carrot and broccoli, a dash of organic coconut oil, garlic, ginger and obviously turmeric.

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