These ayurvedic kadhas are helpful in common ailments

By TNT Bureau

Nov 14, 2017: Ayurvedic kadhas or decoctions are quite effective for many health problems. Starting from fever, cold, cough to indigestion and improving immunity, kadhas can do wonders.

Kadha is a drink made up of herbs and spices boiled in water for a very long time to extract their benefits. Although many people do not like the taste of kadhas, but you will acquire the taste with time. Kadha need to be sipped multiple times a day, as per the ailment. It can even be stored, and heated up when you need to drink.

Kadha to increase immunity

Make a kadha by boiling green cardamom, cinnamon, dry ginger and white pepper in water. To increase the taste, you can add a few drops of honey. This kadha improves immunity. These ingrediants calm the vata and kapha, helps in digestion, and detox the body.

Kadha for cold and cough

A kadha made with dry ginger, black pepper and honey is good for cold and cough. As dry ginger and pepper are both pungent in taste, they calm vata and kapha. This kadha is good for the respiratory system, and boosts digestion and circulation. Since these ingredients generate heat in the body, it is good in winters.

Boil dry ginger and black pepper in water till the mixture reduces to half. Then add honey to it. Have it 3-4 times a day when you have cold and cough in the winter.

Kadha to control blood sugar level

Add powdered fenugreek and turmeric in equal quantities to milk and boil it. If you have a glass of this kadha every morning, it will keep your sugar level in control.

Kadha for digestion

Boil one teaspoon each of ajwain and saunf in water. Boil till it reduces to half the quantity. Add honey to it for taste. This drink will improve digestion when taken after meals. It also helps in stomach upset, constipation, and bloating.

Kadha for fever

Boil some tulsi leaves and 5 cloves in water. Let it boil till it reduces to half, and add a little rock salt to it. Have this twice a day for 2-3 days when you have fever. It is particularly helpful in the winters.

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