Think natural today and live a joyful life

By Srabani Sen, TNT Bureau

About 90% of our day is spent in functioning for our human needs. We are always busy and multi-tasking, shuffling between our roles at home and workplace, and trying to work towards creating positive experiences in our life. This has impact on our mood and health. Often we get frustrated, angry, sad and hurt, but we feel it is okay to have these experiences regularly. We get used to this way of living.We don?t feel anything is wrong with us and that we are suffering.

This scenario can change drastically if you take out some time to go back to the natural ways of taking care of your mind, body and soul, and see what change it brings to your life.

By taking care of your body, mind and soul with the help of holistic health treatments and natural ways of living, like yoga, meditation, ayurveda, etc, you can feel exceptionally good, peaceful and content.And all it needs is just one hour from your busy schedule.You will fall sick less; you will not feel the need to see a doctor because your energy will be higher and your body and mind will feel healthier and stronger than ever before.

It is true that whenever you start on a new journey, you need determination, motivation and diligence to start off and stay on the path. Start it and see the change that comes in your life.

Here?s some driving forces that will shake you up from your busy and unhealthy schedule and take you towards a joyful living in all natural ways.

Your energy level will increase drastically

 Once you start your journey towards a natural way of living, you will feel better with high level of energy, and you will stop feeling frustrated, disgusted and sad. Yoga and meditation channels healing energy into your body and wakes up your cells, which will vibrate throughout your entire body and energy field, and you will start feeling exceptionally happy.

A better body

 If you can control your thoughts, you can change your life?you must have heard this several times, but now its time to experience it. If you have a fit body and you have to run to the doctor less, you will experience rare moments of total satisfaction with your body. Automatically, you thoughts will become positive, which, in turn, will change your life.

Natural ways of keeping fit like yoga, meditation, chakra clearing and balancing will make you aware of your relationship with your body. Once you understand your body and its needs; what is good and bad for it, everything will change. The moment you understand that your body is a holistic organism and every thought in your mind shapesit, you will start developing a better body. When you will be aware of the things that are not right for you, you will discover wonderful things about your body that you had overlooked in the past. Natural ways of living will teach you to see your body from a positive perspective. You will understand your cells, muscles and even the skeletal system. However, this will not happen overnight. It needs your mind to focus on the health of your body.

Control your addictions

Here, by addictions I mean addiction to sugar, coffee, carbohydrates, alcohol, medicines, etc. We usually get addicted to these things to bring relief to our mental, emotional and physical pain. Regular holistic health practices will result in less addiction. Yoga, natural therapies, ayurveda, or even herbs can get rid of these addictions. Then you can see its impact on your health.

When you get adjusted to the natural ways of living and taking care of your health, things become less difficult, your life becomes easier and then you will not need so many external things to bring comfort because the comfort will now come from within you.

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