Tips on choosing proper attire for your yoga class

By TNT Bureau

Nov 14, 2017: The practice of yoga is one of paying close attention to how the body connects with the world it moves in. As you begin to cut out distraction and focus awareness, you will better sharpen in on the subtle sensations that arise during practice when you don’t have to worry your pants tearing at the crotch at any given moment.

Not too light or  not too loose

Whatever you wear should offer support for your situation down there—not just to keep you from flopping willy-nilly, but so others don’t have to risk seeing one of your lil’ buddies trying to sneak out during a forward fold. Running shorts offer a nice first line of defense with the sewn-in genital hammock, although make sure that your shorts aren’t too short.

Don’t hide the body, just cover it

If you are swimming in a sea of fabric like a Halloween ghost, your teacher won’t be able to see your posture or alignment. This means that they can’t offer valuable insight or tips for your practice. Less is more here—show ankles and bear your arms like it’s high fashion on Coney Island circa 1907. It’ll be easier for you to move smoothly, as well as for your teacher to give you helpful adjustments.

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Light, loose fitting clothing

Good: cotton & linen (more below), most athletic gear (leave the hockey pads at home). Bad: Denim, corduroy, leather, rubber (or anything squeaky, for that matter).

Natural fiber or special anti-sweaty stuff? 

This choice depends on you. If you wanna keep it organic, go with cotton or similar materials. Cotton, however, absorbs sweat and holds onto it. You might start off nice and dry, but if you sweat a lot, you’re entering a wet yoga t-shirt contest. In this case, sweatier yogis might want to look into quick-drying athletic gear that wicks away sweat from the skin, allowing your body to breathe easier. Important to note: wash this gear regularly, as it tends to develop a smell over time.

It’s not about what you wear, it’s how you wear it

Ultimately, it all comes down to getting on that mat and doing yoga. Don’t worry about how it looks, be aware of how it feels. Set yourself up for greatness by getting comfortable. A little bit of comfort can go a long way.

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