Tips to stay healthy in a polluted city

By TNT Bureau

Apr 4, 2017:On one hand while we are finding right ways to breathe, the Indian capital Delhi  has come to a situation where the quality of air itself is in a big question.Besides  swine flu and dengue  the biggest danger  for people living in Delhi today is the accelerated pollution level.

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The rising concerns

The associate director & head of  Cardiac Cath Lab, Max Super Specialty Hospital Dr. Manoj Kumar,  commented, “Breathing toxic air that is extremely high in particulate matter 2.5 concentration puts Delhi’s residents at a high risk of acquiring life-threatening ailments such as respiratory disorders, heart attacks, and strokes. Continuous exposure can cause plaque formation in the arteries providing nutrients and blood to the heart, often triggering heart attacks in high-risk patients. Those with poor heart function must be extra cautious as the air pollutants can trigger heart failure. Extra care must be taken so as to cover one’s face when outside and to avoid going to over-crowded and densely polluted areas. The government also must take necessary steps to reduce pollution levels.”

Senior intervention cardiologist and chairman of  Electrophysiology and Pacing, Medanta Balbir Singh  said that  the city of Delhi is facing a lot of health emergencies  where large section of the people are falling  prey to a number of cardiovascular and respiratory  diseases. It is advisable that patients wear masks while going outdoors,and avoid outdoor exertion as much as possible. Also, if you experience symptoms such as chest discomfort, irregularities in breathing pattern, wheezing, unusual fatigue and coughing, it is highly advisable to pay visit to the doctor on an immediate basis.

It has been found that  ultra-fine nanoparticles present  in polluted air causes  thrombosis arrhythmia and enhanced coagulation, among heart patients. The risk of acute atherosclerosis and arterial vasoconstriction also gets increased when exposed to pollutants in the air.. All such factors accelerate the threat  of clot formation and heart diseases.. The mass burning of crops across the  neighboring states have only worsen the situation

6 effective ways to keep pollution at bay

Taking into consideration these rising concerns on pollution in the capital, it is important to raise awareness about ways that can help to cut down these alarming health hazards. It is to be remembered that both long term and short term exposure to pollution can be extremely risky and bring about threats to your health.

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Wear masks

This is one of the most widely used methods to protect against pollution, however most of the masks that are available in te market are not effective in  filtering out air. Additionally,  handkerchiefs and surgicial masks are equally ineffective.It is advisable to  use an n95 respirator which is one of the ideal mask protectors . This mask helps to  reduce exposure to contaminated air and ofcourse, the highly dreaded pollution.

Keep your body hydrated

Drinking sufficient amount of fluids helps to maintain the metabolism of your body. This is also beneficial in filtering mechanism resilient within the body.

Wash your hands

It is advisable to wash your hands with soap or hand wash and warm water before and after each meal. Also, practice the habit when preparing food or  taking breathing treatments, touching soiled clothes, sneezing and coughing and using the bathroom. Always carry a hand sanitizer in your bag when you go out.

Buy a good air purifier

Pm2.5 and pm10 are considered major contaminants of polluted air and majority of the air purifiers cannot filter contaminants of these sizes. It is suggested that you buy a good air purifier with HEPA filters. Significant studies have shown that such air purifiers can provide protection against particulate matters regardless of the size.

Limiting exposure

You need to shut the windows of your vehicle when stuck in jam. Also, try  to stay indoors as much as possible.

Exercise at the right time

Physical exercises helps in making the body more resilient against harmful  toxins  that are present in our surrounding . However, it is best not to exercises in early mornings and late evenings as you will come across tons of  pollution during these hours. Hence, running outdoors will  cause more harm than good to the body.  Put on your exercising tracks as soon as the sun is out.

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