Top 20 Indian herbs and spices for weight loss

By TNT Bureau

Nov 30, 2017:   Obesity is creeping into the lives of people across the world at a tremendous speed.  It is in this light that a recent research revealed that some Indian herbs and spices have the power to curb fat, thus helping you to lose weight. Try out the following essential herbs to boost metabolism and bring about healthy changes in the body.

Acai Berry

This herb is loaded with energizing antioxidant properties and also prevents fat accumulation in the body. You can drink the juice of the acai berry or sprinkle the dried powder in your food to reduce weight effectively.


This herb helps  to cleanse the body by removing off the food jammed in the digestive system. This helps to prevent weight gain and fat storage.


This is one of the most effective weight loss herbs that keep your stomach full for a long period of time. For those who experience hunger pangs at odd hours should include cinnamon in their daily diet. This miracle herb is also useful in stabilizing sugar levels.

Fennel seeds

This herb helps in better digestion of food and regulation of hunger pangs.


Consisting of diuretic properties, this herb  helps to lose weight quickly. It stimulates the nervous system and also prevents overeating caused due to depression, stress and anxiety.

Nettle leaf

This herb not only has enormous antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin C but also constitute of high nutritional value. It acts as an efficient fat burner and also aids in blood purification.


This is an excellent herb that increases the metabolism rate and also boosts energy levels.


This herb  is a body cleanser that aids in lowering down the digestion, thus making you feel full for a long period of time. It is also blessed with a number of nutritional contents.

Flax seeds

These herbs are  bulking agents that prevent you from overeating. You get a feeling of fullness thus, preventing you from constant snacking and helping you to lose weight in a proper way.

Guar gum

This herb not only aids in weight loss but also helps to control diabetes. It is good for your digestive system as well.


This wonder herb helps to prevent storage of fat. It is also actively involved to promote appetite suppression and growth of metabolism.


This herb  helps to boost the metabolic speed which leads to release of abundant energy levels that facilitate easy weight loss.


Regarded as one of the safest weight loss herbs , they help to reduce the absorption of simple carbs.


This herb is filled with a number of obesity fighting agents such as hydroxycitric aci (HCA), chromium and ascorbic acid.


Often known as metabolism booster, this spice has the ability to burn fat in a systematic manner. This in turn helps in overall weight management.


Embedded with a number of weight loss properties, thus orange-yellow spice helps to decrease the formation of fat tissues. As a result of which, there is reduction in the overall body fat.

Cayenne pepper

This spice is made up of a compound known as capsaicin which is an effective fat cutter and also helps to eliminate food cravings. According to a study conducted by Prudue University, it was found that cayenne is helpful in weight reduction as it speeds up the metabolism process of the body, thus burning more calories.

Black pepper

This spice is  composed of a compound called piperine which functions to enhance the metabolism and is also widely used to improve the digestive system as well.


Since this spice speeds up the metabolism activities, it is regarded as one of the ideal weight loss methods.

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