Top 3 emerging health apps for women

By TNT Bureau

Feb 9 , 2016: Women?s health has become an essential part of health technology. This is the reason as to why more and more health app developers are now concentrating on making apps exclusively for the women population.

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If there would be an opening for gathering enormous amounts of human genetic data, it is via the rising number of health apps formulated especially for women, even though it is just in the last few years that the concern for women health has actually become the key focus for app developers.

In this discussion, we are highlighting the top 3 emerging health apps for women in today?s time. Let us get started right away.

Eve by Glow

This women health app by Glow is a leading app which is all about on baby making or not, just whatever you are looking for.

It aids in tracking sexual encounters of a woman and then will enquire about each and every detail as to what happened, whether protection was used or not , the depth of the sexual experience etc.

It then goes on to ask additional questions that offer fundamental ideas of whether you are experiencing any signs of pregnancy.

Eve is recommended by a number of women?s interest groups. They opined that the language is chiefly concise and sex-positive. They found it really interesting as it mixes a variety of information with sex education.

Eve is available for free on iOS. Also, you can get hold of efficient tips and advices from panel of experts who are readily available to answer queries related to a woman?s body and its ongoing changes when one becomes pregnant.


This app uses data analytics to communicate about the menstrual cycle and overall women?s body. It is referred to as convenient data-logger for menstrual cycle that helps to store entire details and offers supportive reminders as to when menstruation is due, when is the right time to go for breast examination, which is the best time to conceive and so on.

Flaking flowery descriptions for a look which is wonderfully scientific, this women health app is cautiously designed with a view that a number of users across the globe become happy and keep coming back to input their individual data on to the app.

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Such data is as diverse as your menstrual cycle. It is possible to communicate to Clue regarding the basic questions such as starting and ending of your periods. Also, you keep a track of your sexual activities, ongoing changes that occur in your body etc.

This app aids in educating and providing clear and comprehensible information on the widest range of women health.

First Response Pregnancy Pro

The First Response Pregnancy Pro is an app developed by ClearBlue. This is a bluetooth-enabled monitoring tool that you begin with by communicating whether you wish to conceive or merely use it to track your monthly menstrual cycle.

However if you decided to go with the first option then, the Bluetooth device can be used in the same manner that resembles conventional pregnancy kits in detecting signs to determine whether you are actually pregnant or not.

However, the difference is that First Response Pregnancy Pro has a number of appealing additions  such as behaving like a personal assistant who communicates to you each and everything about what happening with your body.

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