Top 4 fiber-rich foods for healthy stomach

By TNT Bureau

Sep 15, 2016:  Fiber is important for a healthy stomach and it aids in feeding beneficial gut bacteria. Also, it helps in speeding up digestion and is capable of changing as to how other chemicals and nutrients are being absorbed by your body.

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Eating sufficient amount of fiber is completely vital in order to maintain a healthy digestive system which consequently leads to overall well-being.

Hence, in this discussion we will be talking about the top 4 fiber-rich foods that will help you in maintaining a healthy stomach. Let us get started right away.


It is advisable that you add more legumes in your daily diet. A good quantity of cooked lentils consists of about 8 grams fiber. You can also go for baked beans and even canned chickpeas.

You can also add the beans onto your salads, stews and soups. You can also go ahead and try out healthy recipes where beans form the main ingredient.

You need to know that if you increase your consumption of high fiber foods at a go, this might just lead to bloating and discomfort. Hence, it is advisable that you start consuming beans at a gradual pace and at the same time, make sure that you drink lots of water.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and veggies are ultimate sources of vitamins, minerals and a whole variety of other nutrients. But do you know that they are loaded with soluble as well as insoluble fibers? Some of the fruits and veggies high in fiber content include green peas, pear and sweet potato.

In order to make certain that you acquire a good dose of dietary fiber with fruits and vegetables, it is important that you eat a whole lot of variety of them.

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High-fiber cereals

There are a whole bunch of cereals that are extremely high in fiber. Also, there is abundance of organic and natural substitutes available in the market.

It is to be remembered that some cereals that advertize their whole grain credentials are enormously rich in sugar. The less processed a whole grain is the better.

You need to have an eye for those cereals that contain minimum 5 grams of fiber per portion on the dietary label. If cereal doesn’t suit your taste, you can try out whole grain waffles, toast, muffin, pancakes etc as a substitute to processed flour produces.

Whole grains

Eating more high-fiber whole grains  doesn’t mean that you ought to abandon white breads completely. In fact, it is advisable that you start off with this practice of eating whole grain in a slow and steady manner.

You can begin by replacing one or two servings of grain per day with an assorted range of whole grains.  These can include oats, quinoa, whole grain wheat, etc. If the flavor and texture is a little intense for you, it is advised that you mix whole grain with white pasta or even both brown and white rice together.

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