Top 4 reasonable mental health apps

By TNT Bureau

Oct 25, 2017: Just look around you and you will surely find heaps and heaps of mobile applications scattered all over. Hence, choosing the right one might just become difficult especially when mental health is concerned.

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Today, we will be discussing about the top 4 reassemble health apps 2016 that will help you in maintaining a peaceful mind in the most cost-effective manner possible.


Meditation has countless benefits for mental health. However meditation might get a bit boring and intimidating at times. This is where Pause comes to the forefront. Priced at a reasonable rate of

$1.99, this mental health app provides meditation experience that is based on mindfulness practices and Tai Chi.

However, the interesting part is that it will feel more like an iPhone game. You need to move lavalike blob about the mobile screen with focus and in a slow manner unless the blob becomes large enough to cover up the entire screen.

If you move too quickly, then you will be asked to slow down. After you are successful in winning by enlarging the bulb, you will be rewarded with a prompt that communicates you to shut your eyes and relish upon calmness prior to plunging back into the usual, tiring life.

Breathing Zone

Sometimes the quickest way to fight anxiety or an approaching panic attack is just to keep in mind to breathe. There are tons of mental health apps that offer guided breathing exercises, however I like Breathing Zone has gained a lot of popularity these days.

This app is priced at a convenient rate of $3.99. Once you open the app, simply select some good guided sound such as Indian singing bowl, celestial choir etc and press play. Next, you are required to breathe along with a circle that gets bigger and contracts in order to help you in setting your pace.

You can also choose to have a voice guide inform you when to inhale and exhale. If you feel anxious take deep and even breaths while focusing on something. This will really help in calming yourself down

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Sometimes you just require to talk to a living human person, be it the screen of your smartphone Talkspace which is priced at a cost-effective rate of $25 offers on-demand therapy sessions through video chat or text within 24 hours, which is a godsend for anyone who wants immediate relief but can’t get an appointment from his/her therapist.


While using the app, you might feel like your therapist literally climbed into your phone and is waving at you.  Moodnotes which is priced at a reasonable rate of $3.99 operates on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT. It uses actions to help correct the faulty or negative thinking patterns that lead to negative behavioral patterns.

At a particular time every day, the app asks, “How are you?” and you reply by rating your mood with one of the smiley or sad-face options.

By tracking your moods, thoughts, and emotions, users can start to see unhealthy patterns and get the tools to right them. Sometimes it’s tough to know if you are feeling just flat-mouth face or full-on sad face, but the point is engaging with the app forces you to stop, think about what you are feeling, and recognize what might have caused you to feel in that particular manner.

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