Top 5 health benefits of auricular therapy

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Mar 13, 2017: Auricular therapy is a type of alternative therapy which focuses on the idea that our ears are parallel to a microsystem capable of reflecting the whole body which corresponds to the outer portion of the ear, popularly known as the auricle. This therapy is known by several names such as auriculo therapy, auriculo acupuncture and ear acupuncture.

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Auricular therapy is a healing medicine which began in the 3rd century. During that time, the practitioners used needles at acupuncture ends on the auricle that correspond to precise parts of our bodies.

What is auricular therapy?

This therapy involves inserting needles into particular points on your ear. Stimulation of these points will encourage healing in almost all the parts of the body. Auricular therapy is frequently incorporated into standard acupuncture treatments.

Interestingly the therapy which is largely based on the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine was developed by French scientist Paul Nogier in the mid-20th century.

The ear is a microsystem of our body and hence, auricular therapy, alongside Sooji and reflexology (foot and hand microsystems) can be helpful in treating a number of physical as well as mental ailments.

Auricular therapy is used to develop the flow of vital energies or also chi/qi within the body.  This help in restoring a balance between yin and yang which are the two contrasting but balancing energies inside the internal organs.

The therapy has been used since ages for a number of health issues such as anxiety, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, insomnia, chronic pain, weight loss, arthritis, migraine, constipation, headache etc.

Major benefits of auricular therapy

Even though major clinical trials on auricular therapy haven?t been specified as of yet, a wide array of studies have shown that the therapy may help in the treatment of a diversity of health conditions.

Post-Surgery pain

A study published in the journal Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2010 researchers look upon 17 cases on the effectiveness of this therapy as far as pain management was concerned. It was found that auricular therapy can be efficient in treating a number of pains, particularly post-surgery pain.


Up to now, studies on auricular therapy?s effectiveness as a smoking termination aid has brought about mixed findings. For a study conducted in 2004, 126 people were given auricular therapy for smoking termination and it was seen that the treatment brought about 1 year success rate of 41.1 percent. The study was published in the Swiss Journal Research in Complementary and Natural Classical Medicine.

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Again a research which was published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine asked 125 people to undergo auricular therapy. Here, it was found that the therapy was no more effectual than a placebo treatment in recovering the rate of smoking termination. The study mixed up five successive weeks of once-a-week healings.


A study review which was published in the journal Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2010 opined that auricular therapy may help to treat constipation. In the review, investigators inspected 29 studies on the use of this therapy to manage constipation.

Even though all of the researches suggested that auricular therapy was useful to treat constipation, some deeper findings and researches are still required to find out the relationship between this therapy and its effectiveness on constipation.


Auricular therapy may be helpful in the treatment of migraines, says a 2012 study which was published in Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics Research. Analyzing reports of 35 migraine patients, it was found that 2 months of auricular treatment on a weekly basis resulted in important improvements mood as well as pain.


A number of researches specify that auricular therapy may assist in easing insomnia. Such researches include a 2003 trial which was published in the Complementary Therapies in Medicine. The trail tested the effects of a type of auricular therapy that engages using magnetic pearls to arouse acupuncture points.

In the research, 15 elderly people with insomnia were treated with auricular therapy for 3 weeks. Then, it was seen that these people experienced a noteworthy boost in both quantity and quality of sleep, with developments lasting for 6 months after the end of the treatment.

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