Top 5 health benefits of olives

By TNT Bureau

Aug 30, 2016: In the present time, olives have emerged as one of the most extensively used foods all over the world.  These are fruits that come in an extensive series of varieties. Olives are used on a wide basis while preparing nutritious salads. It is considered as one the healthiest foods that facilitate a number of health benefits.

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Olives are popularly known for their number of beauty as well as health benefits. Therefore, on the whole, this fruit is simply loaded with goodness that helps in improving your health.

When it comes to the health benefits of olives, you will surely be wowed all the way. Olives aid in eliminating surplus cholesterol within the blood and is excellent in controlling blood pressure. Also, this fruit consists of dietary fibres that act as a healthy substitute for fruits and vegetables.

Olives are loaded with vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant thus, helping to protect the cells from all kinds of free radical injuries. Consuming olives on a regular basis helps to reduce the effect of degenerative illnesses such as benign and Alzheimer.

Olives also help in preventing blood clots that may result in the creation of other illnesses and infections. They are also engaged in providing protection to the cell membrane against severe diseases such as cancer.

Helps you lose weight

One of the highlights of olives is that this fruit aids in weight loss. Olives consist of monounsaturated fatty acids that not helps you lose weight but also paves way for overall weight management. A new study has revealed that following a diet where olives form an essential helps in quick and effective weight loss.

Protects your heart

Olives is loaded with a wide variety of essential antioxidants that helps in protecting the cells from oxidative strains. This in turn helps in providing ultimate protection to your heart by counterbalancing the free radicals.  Also, the monounsaturated fatty acids that are present in this amazingly healthy fruit aid in reduction of risk such as heart strokes and attacks.

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Helps to prevent anaemia

Olives consist of loads of iron that form a necessary mineral constituent of haemoglobin. This is responsible for carrying oxygen from your lungs and then transporting the oxygen all through your system.

Fights symptoms of cancer

Olives are a rich source of anti-inflammatory nutrients as well as antioxidants and thus, this fruit helps in lowering the risk of cancer

Also, olives help in reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Improves your digestive system

Olives contain triterpenoid compound and maslinic acid that help to combat cancer cells.  These further prevent the growth of colon cancer cells. Also, olives are loaded with essential fibres that aid in improving your overall digestive system.

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