Top 5 must-have health apps

By TNT Bureau

Feb 15, 2016: It is more than likely that you count your calories and steps via some health apps or the other, however there are some apps that aid to provide you overall health management.

The invasion of health and wellness apps has developed into an overwhelming situation but then are you making full and complete use of them? Below is a list of the top 5 must-have health apps that take into consideration each and every aspect of health management.

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iSleep easy

This sleep meditation app is known to cure insomnia and other sleep related disorders. It provides guided meditations and loads of comforting sounds to assist you in getting proper and sound sleep every night.

In case of overly agitated nights, iSleep easy provides rescue mediation. Also, it consists of helpful information built into it which is focused on finest sleep practices to assist you in rethinking as to how to hit off in the bed each night. The diversity of meditations makes it an immense value. The app is priced at $4.99 and ensures good night sleep every night.


It is like having your very own dermatologist in your pockets! With this app, you can visit doctors in the most easy and quick manner possible.

Spruce allows you to have acne checked, diagnosed as well as treated with a recommendation called into your nearby pharmacy within a single day. You are just needed to send a picture.

Recently, the app extended to diagnose other skin issues as well such as rosacea, cold sores, dandruff and rashes. Even if you require personal attention, this app will assist you in connecting with a dermatologist. For doctor appointments, you need to pay $40 while the app is absolutely free to download.

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This health app is very much like seamless. You just need to put it all your information related to health insurance into ZocDoc. Within seconds, you will get to view a wide array of nearby doctors and show appointment slots that are available. This means that you can book an appointment with a specialist directly from the app.

This app also provides a map view which further helps in visiting the doctor in a convenient and easy manner without any hassles involved whatsoever.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Majority of the people simply focus on physical health when it comes to health apps. However, with this meditation app, it is time to enhance and calm your mental health as well.

There are lots of meditations scattered all over, however this app is unique with its personalization tools. It helps in analyzing your present mood via a short and easy survey. Then, based on the results, the app provides you with apt guided meditations.


Looking here and there for the apt therapist is undoubtedly a rather daunting, exhausting and expensive task. This app provides limitless texting with a genuine and skilled therapist. The good part is that it will cost you only $19 per week.

There are more than 300 therapists to choose from and at any moment, you feel that some therapist or the other is not working out for you, you can immediately ask for a change.Additionally, there are options for couples therapy and video sessions.

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