Top 5 trending weight loss apps of the year

By TNT Bureau

June 1, 2017: Being overweight poses a number of health issues such as diabetes, thyroid and heart diseases. However, knowing this hard fact is quiet not enough to workout. There are two essential elements that need to be done for weight loss- watch what you eat and exercise regularly.

Thanks to the explosion of technology a number of tools are now available that is affordable and helpful. So, if you are an iPhone or an Android phone owner, it is highly advisable that you read on for ultimate weight management that you always wanted.

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Want to lose weight in a quick and technological way? Have a look at the top 5 trending weight loss apps of the year. It is time to restore good health and strive towards better and healthy lifestyle.

  1. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

As soon as you download Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker it is ready to work. This app consists of stats that are cleanly designed so as to help the users track of what they have been eating and how much kilos they wish to lose. The quality of the app is good and it provides easy and simple ways of surfing and using it.

  1. Diet Assistance

The most attractive feature of this weight loss app is its lean and clean look that facilitates the users in knowing that the app developers are actually serious in helping them lose weight quickly and efficiently. The pages are easy and bright enough to cruise you along the varied diet plans, weight records as well as grocery lists.

Being extremely high on functionality, this app helps the users in building a good diet plan. Whether the users are at the gym or the grocery store, they will have full access to all the lists. Additionally, they will also receive reminders as when required.

It is suggested that the users upgrade the app to a premium version where weight records are sent to them via email and they also become entitled to receive unlimited reminders.

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  1. Fitness Buddy

This weight loss app consists of an energetic interface that is extremely inviting, thus encouraging you to start working out on a regular basis. Further, the amazing anatomical illustrations indicate the specific area as to where your workout will affect the most.

You can choose from a huge array of workout routine and then move to features such as exercise logs and weight tracking. The main motive of this app is to keep you going and thus, has included a variety of workout plans so that you don?t get easily bored by doing the same exercise again and again each day.

  1. 7 minute workout

This app provides minimum distractions and large types to help you move on with your weight loss regime. Moreover, the interface is extremely easy to read. This work out app progresses throughout the daily exercise routine with voice prompts and timers.

The motto of this amazing app is to keep you fit in just about 7 minutes per day. Yes, now you really can?t complain about limited time or busy schedule.

  1. Fooducate

When we try to lose weight, we become extremely inquisitive to know about varied types of foods and their content. This is exactly what Foofucate does for you. It helps to break down all the food related information into sections that is clearly defined by brightly colored tabs.

Through this app you can read a variety of healthy recipes, scan barcodes of processed food items, find nutritious foods around your area and also receive news and advices on weight loss.

Fooduacte helps you to know as to how much you calories you are consuming and whether you should be decreasing or increasing your daily calorie intake depending upon factors such as your age and height.

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